January 25th, 2002


laugh and be merry, ho ho ho, yer drinkin' beer

a nun and a priest are out golfing one day. the priest sets up his shot, brings the club back and swings. he totally misses the ball, it's still sitting there nicely on the tee. the priest yells "shit i missed!"
the nun is shocked. "father, don't use such language!"
the priest apologizes and sets up his shot again. he lines it up, keeps his eye on the ball, brings back the club, swings... and misses again. the ball is sitting there, not even tapped. "shit i missed!"
the nun is again shocked, and yells "father, don't say such things, god will strike you dead where you stand!"
the priest apologizes and goes for one more swing. again he prepares himself, he's totally sure he's going to get it. he swings, he misses. "shit i missed!"
immediately the heavens open up, and a great bolt of lightning shoots down from the sky. it strikes the nun on the top of her head, frying her to a crisp. a great voice booms down from heaven "shit i missed!"
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where can he be?

so my new schedule, btw, is:

syntax and semantic theory
mon/wed 1-2:30

victorian love poetry [1]
mon/wed 4-5:30

1800s american lit
tues/thurs 2-3:30

world civilizations
tues/thurs 5-6:30


[1] this was billed as victorian literature. but whateva, i have like 5 freinds in hte class and the teacher rules, so it should be good
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(no subject)

this is like that mullet kid's "hello my future girlfriend" page, only i KNOW the kid. he was in my dorm last year. be sure and check out his epic battle with his brother link at hte bottom
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