January 27th, 2002


ninjas. from xsxedulcetcryx. carebears. from polyesterday

yes! and Fun With Frames.. if you click yes to go into the site, click the linkbox at the bottom, then click yes again, then click the box again, then click yes again, keep doing that and every time it opens a new frame inside itself. iv'e got it 7 layers deep right now =)

and this, my friends, be dead wrong:
See what Care Bear you are.
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    doobie brothers - china groove!

great danes

sex junkie, lookin' for a dealer
You can play the leper, girl, and i can play the healer

haha, why the hell did i take this test? geoff?

Take the Radiohead Collective Member Test.

i just realized that this afternoon didnt happen yesterday. it feels like a long time ago. i guess i've been busy today
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