January 29th, 2002


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and a clue for the aloe one
It seems I’ve gained the world but have nothing
To keep tabs upon this loss isn’t wasted time
Face opportunities to recognize now we have time

this lyric thing is getting boring, so i'm cancelling it for now. other than this, i have these two[the ride one] open. get yer answers in and i'll post the final scores and bid it all bon voyage. i think i'll make a mix cd of all the songs i used, maybe i'll send a copy to the top 2 or something

haha, this is from andy: http://www.rejectionline.com/

and this from bertho, superdupercuteness: pancakebunny


my journal is getting pointless again. i don't want that. i keep going in these cycles of crappiness
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    reel big fish - why do all girls think they're fat?

hit me baby one more time

this song is rawk

XxShaggxX (12:25:34 PM): makes me want to vomit with joy
(not the song. i just thought it was a funny line)

i am doing homework i should have done last night. go team! fnarr
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