February 4th, 2002


if livejournal hadnt gone explody, this would have been posted yesterday

alyson walking down the hall:
1 2 3 4
throw your shirt on the floor
5 6 7 8
take off your pants and it's a date!
me: haha, sounds like a good song
alyson: thanks, i just wrote it!

so i had a fencing tournament today! it was funtastic... i did really well! teh 1st half of the meet i was kicking ass, probly the best i've ever done.. then i got sucky for no reason.. then i got better but not as good as at 1st. overall a good event. i was the best unh men's epeeist! *rocks*
this was all on 4 hrs sleep, by the way
so after that, i come back here awhile, everyone's goin whoo superbowl and whatnot, and i'm not especially into that. i want to go see the princess and the warrior which was playing in the mub at 7. it's by the people who did run lola run, so i figured it'd probably be pretty cool. for further instruction, i paste this in cuz it's easier than typing:
King Nixon (11:28:27 PM): i went over there at 7 cuz i thought that's when it was playing. turns out i'm an idiot and it was on at 8. so i go down to the foodcourt to get a sub and my friends were there, adn i ended up goin to watch a movie w/ them instead
breathedirt (11:28:41 PM): i seee
King Nixon (11:28:55 PM): we watched happiness which is THE MOST MESSED UP MOVIE OF ALL TIME EVERRRRRRR
breathedirt (11:29:03 PM): haaaa
breathedirt (11:29:07 PM): ive never heard of it
King Nixon (11:30:02 PM): it's soooo fucked up, o god
King Nixon (11:30:08 PM): you need to see it

so there's this joke i know...
Q: what's strong enough for a man but made for a woman?
A: the back of my hand, bitch! [make threatening about-to-slap-you motion]
and hilarity ensues. anyway, telling it to nastassia the other day, i ask the question, and her response is "..... cock?"
i think she wins

and i never mentioned this - kittymonkey and waking ophelia, two boston bands, played unh a couple days ago. it was a good show, despite only like 15 kids being there (it was rather snowy out). saturday i went to sara's play, which was amusing, and then hung out w/ her and a bunch of random people for awhile til i had to leave. it was me and like 10 girls, yay!
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