February 9th, 2002



so mediaone (my home isp and email address, if you dont know) has been legally diddled into not being allowed to use that name anymore for some damn reason. so theyre switching to attbi. yay. anywayz, so my mediaone address will be in existance til march somethingth and then melts, whereas my exciting new attbi address is already alive and kicking.
the problem is, however, they have decided to hate me personally and not allow the attbi email servers to be accessed from outside the cablemodem thingy. so i can't send/recieve email from there in outlook. luckily they have provided a website where i can do email activities. unluckily it's shitty and inconvenient. so they should all die.
anyway, dan will be going elsewhere for his email services shortly, if all goes well.
it's kind of a shame too, cuz in going thru their site to find all this info, they now have much better customer service than they ever have before, it seems. right on time, fucktrucks.

so i'm still using my mediaone address for now, if that wasnt clear. by march whenever, hopefuly i'll have something better

in other news, everything is discouraging today. ev-er-y-thing. blah....

i wonder if she's listening
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so last week heron mentions to me that some of hte guys are next yr renting a house together and do i want in? i said i'd think about it, and did just that. i decided i did in fact want in, but of course now it's full up. suck.
but nonetheless, i'm thinking now where do i want to live next year? not that i dont like woodruff but i'm gettin kinda tired of it.. i dunno. apparently steph leblanc is comin to the minis next year, whcih would be quite cool, and i think someoen else was thinkin about it but i forget. alot of people i dont know what theyre doing.. a whole bunch are in the house (biggie, godbout, weeks, bourque, smitty), auger's goin to france, laura and nastassia are in the gables, i am making a guess jake and geoff will be roomies, heron adn J are apt hunting still... dave still RAing? carter? i dont know

that's what i get for waiting, right? same as anything else

eat a bag of dicks
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