February 12th, 2002


the spaceghost anniversary spectacularmathon!..... show

sho nuff

damnit, this cd needs to be cleaned. but i don't wanna bother now, i'll do it tomorrow

meg and kevin were dueling on my whiteboard this evening, it was fun. my message for the past couple days has been make out with me, so today megan writes "kevin is available tomorrow at 5". under it i write "yay". then kevin notices this later, erases his name, and writes in meg. then she sees it, changes it back to him, and writes something under it about kissing me, i forget exactly. to my knowledge, that's how it is now, but kevin probly has changed it since then, seeing as he is right down teh hall from me and woudlve seen it by now

moody people confuse me. if someone acts one way towards me, i expect them to not drastically change that every time i see them. be friendly or not, but stop going back and forth, i don't know how to deal with that

god i havent listened to this cd in ages. ees so goood

well destiny is dead, at the hands of bad luck
before it might have made some sense, but now it's all fucked up

linguistics is steadily making less and less sense. we're getting all these esetoric technical points, and she teaches by quickly explaining like 10 concepts all at once, then going back and doing them more thoroughly in later classes, so we're all constantly confused by like 6 things she hasnt explained properly yet
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well shit dood.... just lookin at the syllabi for my classes. i've got a paper due on:

and then

the 2 papers that are mroe seperate are 3-5 pgs, the others are 8 pgs. i really can't imagine having two 8 pg papers due in a row is going to work well, what with my extensive history of never procrastinating ever, no sir, not a bit. so yeah, that's gonna suck. and they're coming up already, bah....

o, and speaking of not procrastinating, starting my american lit hw now, and it turns out i'd slightly misread the syllabus when i looked at it before and figured it'd only take a few minutes. i saw the 3 reading assignments that are a couple pages each, but i missed the 60 page one.... grargjjaieljaeilfaehg
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ahhhh muthaphuckaz! new email from mediaone just came: now, although the old emails are valid until march 15, theyre only allowing people to access their email from outside the network until feb 28. i'll fight them with sticks!
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guhhhh why does walt whitman suck so much? he CAN write good poetry, every so often in song of myself i'd come across a section i liked a lot. but most of what he writes is so dreadfully crappified. at least frederick douglas is a lot more interesting usually than that 1 stupid section i've always had to read in classes before

but all the same, guhhhhhh. i'm using one of my 2 homework misses, i don't feel like doing this. goodnight
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    nuthin. the cd was skipping and i still havent bothered cleaning it

public notice

thanks to john's generosity and spiffy domain hostingness (i was going to put that as 'hostage' but then it means something completely different), i now have a new email address


shower me with love!
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email from someone on the fencing team

Bruce Dickinson, the lead singer for Iron Maiden (once ranked 7th in the UK for men's foil) was quoted as having this to say about fencing:

"Fencing is physical, mental and spiritual. It devours you, from the deepest bottom of your soul to the tip of your toes. Everytime you enter a game you offer the opponent the ability to crush your ego. And if it's an important match then it's more important than life and death. Mentally, fencing is fiercely brutal and humiliating."

A poet's interpretation of the fencing experience... share this with anyone who thinks fencing is for wusses!

- Jim
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i don't get why it always tells me it can't contact the server but then i look and it actually did post my entry. what's up with that?
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