February 17th, 2002


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http://www.wearerobots.com/ "ok listen up: you're all fired from school! your homework is to go eat some powdered bleach and die!"

(update: go here too: http://www.ifihadamonkey.com/ )

so my computer is explodey, if i havent whined to you about it yet. john is saving me at some point, in the meantime.. suck.

i think i had a good weekend, i dont really rememebr. i feel kinda shitty now.. go figure

i saw "in the bedroom" w/ my parents.. it was wicked good, but depressing as hell. i'd say what it's about a lil, but the plot only has like 3 important things in it, so i dont want to give them away.. it's a couple and their kid and, stuff.
then i saw "mutual admiration society" which was made by a unh alum or something. crap on a stick! it should be shot, then the bullet that gets shot into it should be shot for touching it.