February 19th, 2002


everything you want

new song available at weezer.com, yo

hooray for john for fixing my computer!

(tho now i have to reinstall everything and settings and blah. but that's windows' fault)

my cds came! or i assume so, some sorta package came. i coudlnt get it yesterday tho cuz the line was death. but today i will

i forgot to stretch before bed last night. that's something you really need to do after fencing or you wake up with all your muscles clawing their eyes out, like mine are now. mmm [falls over]
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have you ever kissed an idiot
or wished that you could?
well i could be your idiot
and i kiss good
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his mom thinks he's gay
his mom thinks he's gay
his mom thinks he's gay
his mom thinks he's a flamer

my mom's asked me a few times if i'm gay, and how she'd suport me and be ok if i was and whatnot, but she hopes i'm not cuz she wants grandkids. i don't really know where that all comes from- my mom is weird
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you know you want to

hell, why not?...

i don't actually expect to get anything from this. but if anyone feels the need to shower me with riches, i will gladly repay you in sex

(ya know, whenever my parents ask what i wanna do with my life, i say prostitute. i never thought i'd follow thru on it though.. heh, good for me, reaching for my dreams)

update: in case you were wondering, the hell why not is me sayin why not to psoting this, not a why not for you the generous reader
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we are to be the crackheads

ClarnetGrl (10:30:12 PM): it is for the booing, this daniel
King Nixon (10:30:45 PM): why am i for the booing??
King Nixon (10:31:04 PM): i am to be wanting to be for hte not booing
ClarnetGrl (10:31:06 PM): for the scaring!!!
King Nixon (10:31:24 PM): [aim has no confused face smileys. pretend there's a picture of me being confused]
ClarnetGrl (10:32:13 PM): boo! eek!
King Nixon (10:32:53 PM): ohhhhhhhh that kind of booing
King Nixon (10:33:01 PM): i thought it was a boo of disaproval

in other news, i now owe princessashi[1] $1.50 worth of sex, which she may redeem at her convenience. so right now, she's much cooler than all of you

[1] well i'm a DUMAS. i just noticed that her name wasnt showing up, and checked why. apparently rather than write <lj user=princessashi> i just wrote <princessashi>. close enough...
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