February 20th, 2002

zombie penguin

so now ya know

'Cause I'm hanging on every word you say
And even if you don't wanna speak tonight
That's alright, alright with me
'Cause I want nothing more
Than to sit outside Heaven's door
And listen to you breathing

this song is beautiful

so anywayz.. turns out that while most things came thru the computer transmutation unscathed, my addressbook has unaccountably lost my forwardees list (not the entry, mind you, just the actual list of people). this was a buncha people who i would send random amusing things i find, in email. some people i havent talked to in years, who i still send things, cuz i never bothered editting the list. but anywayz, it's gone now. so i'm considering posting things here somewhere. either right here, or i'd make a new journal for the random crap (mostly jokeaday and its ilk, but things come from all over. moreso when i venture onto usenet). if i made a new journal, i'd probly stick all my random links and shit there too, which means i'd have to start coming up with actual content for my journal. hmm. but anyway, let's get some consensus-- should i not post the bad jokes, stick em in here, or elsewhere?

Poll #20049 it is to laugh

where's the funny?

no funny.
here's the funny.
there's the funny.

just cuz i wanted a 2nd question.. what is the coolest hat you have ever seen in person?

hmm i just got spam addressed to widyo@hotmail.com..... that sounds like someone with a thick accent trying to say my last name, that's cute :]
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get down make love

King Nixon (12:41:25 AM): alot of people tonite have been signing off unexpectedly
stgegodess (12:41:59 AM): set them aflame
King Nixon (12:42:32 AM): but theyre offline now! i have not the access to them
stgegodess (12:43:14 AM): use your psychical 'bilities
King Nixon (12:44:01 AM): *becomes drew barrymore. sets them aflame*
stgegodess (12:44:38 AM): yay! they're made a sequel to that where drew barrymore's little girl character is grown up with brown hair and is not drew barrymore.
King Nixon (12:45:34 AM): er, you are multi-tensed. is this sequel already made or being made?
King Nixon (12:45:50 AM): i've never seen the 1st one actually....
stgegodess (12:46:16 AM): I dont know. I think yes. I read the book. I tihnk I may have seen the movie, but not consciously. just inthe background. and I saw the end
King Nixon (12:46:56 AM): they shoulda got drew for the sequel, cuz she's sexiness now that she's not a small child
King Nixon (12:47:12 AM): the most i've been exposed to the movie is reading the back of hte box at blockbuster
stgegodess (12:47:16 AM): yuh. but its produced by scifi channel. so no money.
King Nixon (12:47:24 AM): ah
King Nixon (12:47:26 AM): damn
King Nixon (12:47:33 AM): well she should just come make out with me then
stgegodess (12:47:47 AM): I don't see you with Drew.
King Nixon (12:47:50 AM): damn
stgegodess (12:47:58 AM): you get a short brunette girl
King Nixon (12:48:15 AM): hmm
stgegodess (12:48:16 AM): or dishwater blonde maybe.
King Nixon (12:48:33 AM): that's most of the girls i know
stgegodess (12:48:43 AM): with perky b cup boobs and tiny waist and no butt.
King Nixon (12:48:47 AM): lol
King Nixon (12:49:01 AM): i see
King Nixon (12:49:05 AM): why is this?
King Nixon (12:49:21 AM): so shall i go around asking girls their cup size now, to make sure they fit hte mold?
stgegodess (12:49:41 AM): because thats the sort of girl I see with you. its hard not to be able to tell, danny.
King Nixon (12:50:00 AM): i dont know cup sizes at a glance, i'm afraid
stgegodess (12:50:20 AM): we'll have a special session when youre here. a workshop!
stgegodess (12:50:24 AM): brb
King Nixon (12:50:27 AM): hurrah!
King Nixon (12:50:40 AM): a hands-on workshop?
stgegodess (12:53:44 AM): no! thats dirty.
King Nixon (12:53:51 AM): well that was the point
stgegodess (12:54:04 AM): but I'll teach you to be a good estimator on sight.
King Nixon (12:54:37 AM): excellent
stgegodess (12:55:54 AM): it will be fun!

(i would just like to note, for any short brunette/dishwater blonde perky b cup boobed tiny waisted no butted girls reading, that drew barrymore is not my only choice, and feel free to offer your girlfriend services)
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from technodummy:
there are these funny blokes in Queensland who call themselves the australian beach ice hockey team (or something similar)... they challenge a team from somewhere in the world every year... and every year the other team doesn't turn up...

and so every year, they go down to the beach, all dressed up, and try to get a puck to stop sinking in the waves...

after a while, they give up, and announce themselves the world champions of beach ice hockey... because [insert country here] did not show up, and they win by default...

much like pudding, there is never a bad time for jello

re: my poll. the only thing here that woudln't be moved to a jokejournal if such thing was created is the jello comment. so you know what's involved here
it occurs to me i coudl make it a community and let everyone post their random junk. that could be fun

i will go again someday, but for now i'm comin' down
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zombie penguin

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*looks at this song*

*looks at "have you ever kissed an idiot?"*

heyyyyy, one of these is lying!
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ya know how i said early yesterday that i was gonna get my cds yesterday? turns out i lied. the slip they gave me tha tsaid i had a package waiting had their hours on it... theyre open til 4:30. cept theyre really open til 4 and didnt want to tell anyone. so i was too late yesterday. but today i got them and i am happyhappy
and i have a big bowl of campbells restaurant quality [1] chicken and dumpling soup. so mmmmm

[1] apaprently campbells does not make their good soups available to the lowly consumer. go figure
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o yeah, and i now also owe feste a dollar of sex! (i can't say i'm as pleased abotu this as the ashi sex but i said i would repay, and repay i shall). this has been quite the profitable venture on my part, i must say
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