February 22nd, 2002

alien chest burst

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haha i'm so bad at figuring out lyrics... despite the name of this song, it took me up til today to realize the background vocals in the breakdown aren't "no sunshine"

and what's up with no adult swim on thursdays now? that's pretty weak

so, dan's adventure of the day: after writing my 3-5 pg paper in an hour (the hour before it was due, mind you), which came in at slightly over 3, i have maybe a couple paragraphs left to write, 10 minutes before hte class, when my computer throws a hissy fit and crashes, one program at a time. so somethign would lock up and have an error msg pop up, i click ok to close it and immediately somethign else pops up, adn i tried saving the file but word froze. and then it went to a BSOD. then it came back. then the screen turned black except a weird flickery multicolored line at the top of the screen. so i restarted and THANK GOD FOR AUTOSAVE i only lost bout half a page. so i was like 20 min late to class, but avec paper. so suck it, world civ! whatta ya think of that action, huh?? yeah.

as much as i love this cd, i have to wonder - why put out a 20 minute cd? wait til you have more songs and put out something sensible. and that's 20 minutes including 3 live songs and a "for what it's worth" cover. yay for 1 minute songs
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it only lasted for a second, but i just completely forgot that i live at unh now. i looked to my right expecting to see my room at home and was shocked
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I was planning a big surprise birthday party for
my friend. Then I decided to just tell him about
the party, then throw him a surprise no-party.
It's a lot less work for me, and an even bigger surprise.
After all, everybody loves a surprise on their birthday.

(Damon R. Milhem)

i think it's time to clean off my desk. i finally found my nail clippers, under a fork i stole from philbrook and a couple lollipops from halloween
i also need to bring out my trash before it all topples over. there's stuff stacked up about 6 inches above the top of the trashbin now

i need to do a lot of cleaning actually. but i won't.


"They call her ghost-child, and said that she could indeed vanish, when she pleased, but could never, in her densest moments, make herself quite visible." --the blithedale romance, nathaniel hawthorne

this starts out kinda dumb but gets interesting


john just reminded me of this, and i went to find it online. so now i'm wondering, why are there 2 videos for it? i like the 1st one more, you can't beat abtar's haircut

geek love!
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