February 27th, 2002


kiss me or kill me

i'm ludicrous. i cant believe i just wasted that much time tonight when i have that fucking paper hanging over my head. i guess one night of no sleep wasnt enough
the least i coulda done was waste the time on something useful, or at least something i WANTED to do. i always stubbornly get into these ideas that i need to finish something that i really dont, and i spend a bunch of time on stupid shit that way cuz i refuse to stop until i'm done
dinner was fun, anyway. i think i'll just move into the mub. but most of the time theres no one else there when i go cuz i always do everything at weird times

o yeah, and that instant oatmeal stuff i got from philly on the fly is really gross, too. i miss my chef boyardee lasagna but they never get that anymore
i'm nostalgic over bad microwave food? ugh, i'm officially worthless
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even steven

so i did enjoy that one week or so where i didnt get any spam. how did they get the new email so quickly? i havent been on usenet or anything, and i give my spamtrap email to anything i sign up for online

i think it's time to listen to my emo mix.. i never did send that kid his mix in return. i should do that sometime. that seems to be how these trades go tho - one person doesnt do it
o well, i sent 1 out and got 1 back, so i guess i'm set, even if they were to/from different people

obligation is oppressive
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(no subject)


i've got the windows open and the heater off and it's boiling. i really dont understand
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in the mub today, after i handed in my paper and ate and watched larissa and pete walk by twice, i decided i would try writing some poetry, cuz i havent in so long. wow did it ever suck.
i think i used to be a little better at that. there are some things in verbalkint i like. maybe i'm just out of practice. or maybe i just don't know what i'm doing

cheating gets it faster
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so the point of this paper is to "dicuss elizabeth barret browning's portrayal of bodies..." in sonnets from the portuguese. so i went thru, found all the poems that were significantly bodyrelated, and now i'm giving myself lil summaries of them so i can just go thru and write it all up. here's my summary of the one i just read "she so sick, he so good. oh the conundrums". that about covers it, too.

                      Straightway I was 'ware,
So weeping, how a mystic Shape did move
Behind me, and drew me backward by the hair:
And a voice said in mastery, while I strove,--
'Guess now who holds thee?'--'Death', I said. But, there,
The silver answer rang,--'Not Death, but Love'.

she's so good...
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speaking of

so this paper sucks. we had 3 options for topic, all relating to liz browning. the 1st was almost a nonquestion - comparing her depiction of beauty to petrarch's. cept that she never says a damn thing about robert being attractive or not. it just doesnt come up. so i have no idea what he expects people to say to that. i'm doin the 2nd one, i already said. there's no way i have 8 pgs worth to say about this tho, it's gonna be a whole lotta bull. the 3rd option was the only one that is probly worth the size of hte paper - compare the portrayal of love in teh sonnets to their actual letters. but i didnt feel like rereading all the letters cuz theyre ungodly boring. for professional writers, they cant communicate for shit in letter form.

ya know.. "death cab for cutie" really has to be one of my favorite band names. theyre pretty good too, if very bland. i just really love the name tho

wasn't that some b movie? death cab. i'm pretty sure
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uhmmm be helpful

i hate when teachers give assignments improperly. how am i supposed to know what he wants? the syllabus says the paper should be "2400 words (8 pages)". 2400 words is maybe 5 pages. so how much does he want? i guess i'll just write what i have to say and see how much i end up with. requiring a certain length is a stupid concept in the 1st place, i think, so whatever

people shoudl sign their name when they write on my whiteboard, i always wonder who it is. around valentines, i was having a conversation w/ someone on there about sex, and i never found out who it was. i imagine someone from this hallway, cuz no one else comes here. so as long as it wasnt kevin or vince, i'm all for it

yay jokeaday just showed up! there are infinite ways to procrastinate, even at 7:31 in the morning (hey, it's past 7, the dining hall is open for breakfast now...)

update: turns out jokeaday sucked today. ah well
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crap on a stick

i think i may have misinterpreted the question, it occurs to me now. i dont know how focused he wants it.. see, this is one of those things i should have asked him beforehand, i'm thinking

on 2nd thought, i dont know what hte hell i'm doing anyway, so it doesnt really matter. this paper suck

the problem with my productivity isnt speed. i write fast enough. the problem is after each paragrpah i'll stare off into space for awhile and then write more in here. no wonder i dont get anything done
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(no subject)

i like how my computer is continually getting more free space despite me not deleting anything.. or do i not like that? hopefully it's not eating important files without telling me, which i woudlnt put past it at this point. so where DID that extra gig of space come from? urgh

in other news, i have simultaneously hit running out of anything to say in my paper and a massive distractability zone, so i dunno how i'm going to fill the rest of it. this question just isnt worth 8 pages dammit (o, turns out i had a minor miscalculation when i was saying how 2400 words was so much smaller. different size font i was looking at and whatnot. 2400 words is probably a lil over 8 pgs actually). if anyone has something good to say about elizabeth barret browning's portrayal of bodies, feel free to pass it along

why would such violent music be so calming? mmm
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my paper finishes out at 1841 words. and most of them really shitty words at that. luckily, i no longer care. it's done and i'm handing it in and taking the ultimate in nap technology
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