March 5th, 2002


yay for crap

hey windows kids... check the ctrl-alt-del program menu: do you have "Mdm" running? if so, go here. i had 64 temp files! jeezum crow

o, and if you have realplayer (i think it's called realone now) or quicktime on your comp, theyve got fucktard programs running in the background. go into msconfig and eat them (tkbellexe and quicktime task, respectively).

so i got morpheus tonight. it was working fine. i restarted my comp for unrelated reason, and now it won't connect. good grief
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    Jerry Cantrell - Cut you in

just now

phone: ring ring!
me: hello?
me: *laughs*
carter: drive-by phoning
phone: click
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    Soundgarden - Nothing To Say