March 9th, 2002


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madeleine: I don't know what this is, but I want one!
i think that about covers it..

LttleExxplosion (2:50:03 AM): mmm.. my big bed
King Nixon (2:51:01 AM): mmm
King Nixon (2:51:06 AM): big enough for two? =)
LttleExxplosion (2:51:31 AM): many more too

so i went to find people, failed, and saw spy games instead. very confusing, but it wasnt bad. then i walked over to dhop, saw heron and J, realized i in fact did not want any food there, and came back. which was disapointing but turned out to be good, cuz jess called! jess in alabama who i havent talked to in forever. whee! we talked for like an hour, it was lotsa good
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why does my mug which i never drink anything but water in smell so damn bad??

i discovered this morning that i'm out of shampoo and god my hair feels filthy. i need to go buy some tomorrow. and there's something else too i need to get, but i can't remember what. o well..

oh yeah, laid! they sell that at brooks, right?

[note: there actually was somethign else i wanted to buy and can't remember, but i thought i'd throw that in there nonetheless]

it's funny, i have no problem eating with dirty silverware or dishes, but if i'm gonna drink something, i need the cup to be clean.
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zombie penguin

o yeah

so when jess called tonight, she introduced herself to my memory as "jess from auburn". which would have been more helpful if there weren't also an auburn in nh, and suddenly i'm thinking this is someone i probably met at school and have forgotten and boy do i suck. but yeah. also it didn't help that her voice is very similar to that of a jess i do know at school, cept not quite so squeaky

people's voices are almost always higher than i remember and/or expect, i don't know why

la for bedtime. la! goodnight
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