March 11th, 2002



a side note, when i was 14 my friend said this in class...
teacher: (some sentence about races)black, and caucasians
--markiemetal, posting on

as if i didn't have enough ways to waste my life already, i just got an account there

the show was good, but disapointing for various reasons that don't matter. kith had 3 new songs, 2 of whcih were wicked good. so i have hopes of them being awesome again, after "cannonball" and "us against the world" were crappylike. drexel and sellouts didnt show, model kit was ok, no on 15 were great, slater was fun. 5 bucks and the lazardos are melding, which i think is funny.
and a most unexpected hooray: julie was there! that was lovely
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i am that smart man

yay, i answer my own question! i was looking thru my old posts for something which i didnt find, but i found this instead, from back in october--
the best (albeit very generalized) definition of art i've heard states that if it's not connected with survival or reproduction (the instinctual parts of life) then it's art. therefore, going to work every day is not art (it's survival.) but wearing a pink hat to work every day is. --squimpy8

--i think that fits in well with my questions on what makes something music, from yesterday. yeah it doesn't answer it after all, but it's something else to mull over
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