March 13th, 2002


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so i saw citizen kane yesterday. this is what peoeple are always saying is the best movie ever? pfffft!
i mean - don't get me wrong, it was good. but not good like THAT good.

i don't sing, i don't dance
i don't like any bands
listen up, cuz i am atom: i am the sequencing man


Like OMG! I am a Junior Tampon. I like pizza, ice cream, hanging out with friends, the Backstreet Boys, going to movies....

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fun fact for the evening:
[the word] "Vagina" came from the Latin "vagina", which was a sheath for a sword. --JeffBuchwald, on tandp

i amused myself on my world civ midterm today. but i told the story a hundred times and it stopped being funny. so. you all miss out. speaking of midterms, the linguistiscs one is tomorrow. i think i'll do well, but i actualy have no idea. kinda like world civ

does any of this matter?
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down on the upside

i think i'm going into anotehr "i hate the internet" phase. or maybe it'll be a hating everything phase, in whcih case i end up on the net even more thru lack of anythign better to do once i've isolated myself. i guess we won't know whcih til it happens. bear with me, friends

what fun.
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shit there was something i was gonna do before i shut down, now i just forgot. i was thinkin a minute ago.... "ok close outlook, close ie, do [the thing with the stuff] then shut down and go to bed". what the fuck was it??? great, now i'm gonna explode or something

o and casey - this song rules, like all the others. nuts to you :p
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