March 30th, 2002



i am so creeped out. there are these two marks on my towel - hanging on my door - which look for all the world like 4-fingered handprints, and it feels like theyre put there with glue or something. what is this??
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i didn't read the page TOO closely, cuz i went to bed and i'm too lazy to do it now. but from what i saw, their point isn't "haha we're funny" but "haha now you see why we don't like the redskins". so is their intention that we'll all be offended by this and decide maybe we shouldnt have indian team names after all? cuz personally, i think the fighting whites is pretty funny, so for their sake i hope people who's opinions matter have less of a sense of humor
(of course, i have a long history of enjoying jokes in really bad taste and having people be very offended. heh)
so what's everyone else think of all this? granted, there is a difference between the fighting whites obviosuly being a joke, and some guy back in the day thinking redskins would be a badass name for a buncha white guys. but on the other hand, who fucking cares? don't be so sensitive
atom and his package - if you own the washington redskins, you're a cock: and you'll go wah wah wah! cuz you're so PC

on a more fun note-- kids in the hall in boston, april 9. so you wanna buy me a ticket and take me, for my birthday, right? you know you do

o yeah, the reason i came on in the 1st place was i wanted to post about the concert last nite, before i go home for the weekend.
so i ended up going with amy, her friend KK, and dallas. it was cold out, so i, without much thought, grab my jacket. about halfway there, i think "wait, what the hell am i gonna do with this? i dont want to wear a jacket in the pit" but i was stuck with it then. actually it turned out not to be nearly as bad as i'd expected, the material actually felt kinda nice [tho my jacket feeling slightly cool doenst say much for its heat retention abilities]. hoobastank rocked out, they were really good. the crowd tho, was TERRIBLE. a bunch of like 14 yr olds, getting high and jumping on people. and everyone packed in ridiculously and was violent and it was just a bad scene. i dedicated myself to punching crowdsurfers cuz i'm sick of being kicked in the back of the head every couple minutes. i dropped back a bit for 311 so i had room to rock out. there was this girl behind me who was the funniest person. this crowd surfer comes by (this is between bands, mind you) and she gets hit. so she jumps up, grabs him and pulls him down. then she starts screaming at him about how "it's people like YOU who ruin it for...." and he just looked terrified, despite being twice her size. i was truly impressed. then when some girl stood up on someone's shoulders and started slutdancing, she got a bunch of people to chant "slut!" i dont know if the girl heard, but it was funny
anyway, 311 was unbelievable. they definitely kick all sorts of ass. and they played a lot of mellow songs too, which was cool. they played a lot of their bigger songs (tho the only recent hit they played was "you woudln't believe" whcih surprised me. what kind of band doesn't play their most recent single? ha) and a lot of old stuff and it was a good set. they ended with "fuck the bullshit" and henceforth i went nuts cuz that song rules the everything. no "homebrew" tho.
but! coolest thing in the world: "this next one is dedicated to new hampshire's own jack fallon. this song is called tribute!" --the 311 dude. that made me so happy, it was totaly unexpected. such a nice gesture
then, walking back, i had a better conversation with dallas than i think i ever have, so that was cool. we played tic-tac-toe on the playskool thing in forest parkistan. i come back to the dorm and art had smash bros on gamecube going. oh my! played that awhile. maybe i'm just not used to it, but i think i liked the n64 version more. it was definitley sweet tho, and as addictive as ever. luckily it's not there to stay. then joanne and kendra and a buncha people i dont know came thru, going to the friendly toast, and i went with them. iv'e never been before, it was good! and we got back at 2something, and i had buckets of fun. so that was my exciting night.
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