April 1st, 2002


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their site wasn't very informative, but according to the articles they link to, it turns out the fightin' whites aren't intentionally funny after all, but are in fact easily-offended PC people whose strategy backfired by being really funny. oh well.

i'm just about ready to ditch winamp. it crashes all the frikking time now, and when it does i have to reboot to make it let go of my soundcard. it does this all the time, so i thought to myself "hey, maybe there's something about that at their site." there wasn't of coures, but there was a new version of winamp out. winamp is set to inform me when new versions come out, whcih it decided not to do after all, i guess. but anyway, i get the new one, thinking it might work better. an hour later, it twitches and my comp reboots itself. yay.

in other news, all customers must die. diediedie. this was a very aggravating day at work. so many stupid people. after getting sick of everyone trying to pay with 100$ bills, which i do NOT have the change for, and they all get surprised and offended when i inform them of this and usually storm out with all the stuff they were gonna buy left on teh counter for me to put away, so i taped a sign to the register saying Anyone paying with a $100 will be punched. --disgruntled employee and no one else tried (i doubt the sign had anything to do with this, but yay anyway). chris thought it was hilarious and said he'd leave it up for his shift, so hopefully it'll still be there when tami the manager comes in in the morning. i almost laughed in some old guy's face, when he coudln't seem to locate the two pens sitting RIGHT ON THE COUNTER IN FRONT OF HIM DAMMIT and was trying to find something to sign the cc slip with, and started trying to remove one of hte wooden pegs in the cookie display. i didn't feel like putting it back together, so at this point i pointed out the pens to him. oh, and some guy exploded a milk jug on the counter. mmm.
on a less stupid and more evil note, i had 4 drive-offs today. the 1st one, i think the lady just forgot, she didn't look too sneaky as she drove away trying to keep her kid still with one hand. i didn't see the next 2 at all. the last one was actually pretty ballsy, i'd be impressed if it wasn't my fourth of the day and i wanted to fight him. but (i assume) to keep me from noticing when he was driving off, he didn't put the handle back up that'd make my computer go ping to let me know he was done, he just put the nozzle thing off to the side and left the handle down. i just happened to be looking out the window when he tore out of the parking lot

welcome back billiam
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so i'm not feeling as shitty as last night, but i'm not any happier about being here. last week was fucked for any number of reasons, so i guess this is my first "real" week back from break. i did a little bit of the reposne to the stuff i read already. so i'm 1/whateverth done all my homework. victorian lit is cancelled tomorrow and history all week, so that's cool. yeah for no afternoon classes. i don't know if i'm going to go back to fencing yet. like everything else in the world, i want to but not enough to actually do it. i'm just getting mroe and more pissed at myself for everything
oh yeah, and 2 papers due in a week. yeah.

and i knew i should have written it down this morning, but i didn't wanna bother. i had what very well may be the most involved and longest-seeming dream i've ever had, but i forget it now. lemme see if i can piece it togehte from the little bits i still have.... it started where i was in this big weird complex, i didn't own it, but it was mine in some fashion. so me and a buncha people were exploring it, we all somehow kinda knew where each other were. it was almost metroid/cube-y, with big rooms and tunnels, and big weird portal doorways. anyway, i somehow got ahold of a map, from where i was to something else. it's labelled as - i think - "piece of heaven". actually i think that's wrong, something about heaven tho. i think i got the map out of someone dying somehow. anyway, me and someone or other is making the trip there, and going to weird places and talking to peopel adn evading people adn doing random things that i don't remember, and eventually get there adn open up the gate to heaven or whatever it was, and it's this big blue glowing field straight out of star trek. at this point, my dream doubles back on itself as they do sometimes, and it was earlier in the dream again. not at the beginning, but it was at some point in the journey. i was aware that i'd already been thru this and i was repeating myself, but this didn't strike me as odd. as i said, this happens in my dreams kinda often. it's not exactly repeating, cuz thigns are slightly different and i seem able to choose what i'm doing (not lucidly, mind you, but in context of the dream) still. it's weird. but in this repeat, we end up at the house where the heaven thing is, but we have to con our way in. it's a huge place, and i get the sense i was doing 2 things at once here. in one path i was exploring in some attic schoolhouse hidden passage thing and going up stairways and into rooms and i get the feel of that stairway at the end of jacob's ladder. the other part was that we were pretending to be applyign to work there, like servants, to get inside. i got to be a cook and had to make some sort of beef meal. whoever i was travellign with was the cow. that image definitely trumps anything else, it was this person morphed into a farside standing-up cow, with a face looking like something off conan's "if they mated" bit. anyway, we continued on, back in human form, and were skulking about, and something happened where it was a video game and i loaded a saved game and ended up in some final fantasy village and was all 8bit and then back at the house and somewhere else and i don't know what the hell happened. and then i was aware that my alarm would go off soon and the dream got hazy, then i woke up, then my alarm went off.
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hey, where'd hailey79 go? she was on my 'people who removed your from their firendlist' list, and i figured she just bailed, but no her journal is gone. she was one of my first lj friends

story time

remember those resolutions i resolved before leaving for break? they didn't even last a day. that's pretty shitty.
i had a cool story idea before, but i forgot it.

i have nothing to say
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alien chest burst

screw you too

here's a conversation i have very often

me: hi!
person walking by: hi
me: how are you? (or) what's up?
person: *silently walks past*
me: okay
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go nixon!

from jokeaday
I grabbed on old book called The Book of Lists #2 from the library shelves the other day. The book was written by the Wallace family (Irving, David, Amy, and Sylvia) back in 1979. You have to understand their STRONG anti-Richard Nixon bias. For instance, in the Book of Lists #1 the VERY first list was "The Most Hated Persons in History" with Tricky Dick's name right at the top. ("What? Us? Biased? We're journalists! We're not biased!")

Towards the back of Book #2 there was a list written by David Wallechinsky (Wallace) entitled: "6 OUTRAGEOUS PLANS THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN." Read closely what the author was glad DIDN'T ever happen:

In his book, "The Shadow Presidents," author Michael Medved relates the extreme disappointment of H. R. Haldeman over his failure to implement his plan to link up all the homes in America by coaxial cable. In Haldeman's words, "There would be two-way communication. Through computer, you could use your television set to order up whatever you wanted. The morning paper, entertainment services, shopping services, coverage of sporting events and public events . . . just as Eisenhower linked up the nation's cities by highways so that you could get there, the Nixon legacy would have linked them by coaxial cable communications so you wouldn't have to go there." One can almost see the dreamy eyes of Nixon and Haldeman as they sat around discussing a plan that would eliminate the need for newspapers, seemingly oblivious to its Big Brother aspects. FORTUNATELY, the Watergate scandal intervened and Nixon was forced to resign before "the Wired Nation" could be hooked up.
see, he really was the king. beat that, al gore!
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