April 6th, 2002


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the animated pokey spectacularmathon!!
(don't stop watching til he's riding a motorcycle)

pancake bunny just keeps getting cuter!

o yeah, i had the most b-movie dream ever a few days ago. i will brutally summarize it for you all, cuz i just rule that much..
i'm in a swamp somewhere with a buncha people, doing whatever the hell one does in a swamp. a ship crashes. the predator comes out and starts killing people. i run away, have an extended training sequence and become rambo. i go to kill the predator, he's not around anymore but i don't seem to notice. i'm just running around being badass.
then i make out with steph.
then we all go thru this huge labyrinthe and finally come out at an ice skating rink, to watch hockey. but we just stood there and nothign happened.
the end

also recently, i had a dream about nh getting nuked. if i tried to explain the dream it would sound intensely silly (probably because it WAS intensely silly) but it really freaked me out. i felt so weird all day. don't nuke nh.
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note to citibank and anyone else interested in the fine field of pissing off customers: if you must hire telemarketers, do not hire people who talking like the frigging NANNY

*horrible nasal whine* hiiiiii can i interest you in citibank blah blah blah scratching out your eardrums blah blah die die die
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unnnskinny cock!

what the terrifyingbop is this?? brett michaels playing unskinny bop while pauly shore sings about his dick. wow

yet more proof you should all join my group on audiogalaxy - rocktastic! - because those lucky few will now hear this travesty for themselves

haha i found like 5 covers of unskinny bop online. such fun! and now..... motley crue. i'm feeling very hairmetal today

he's the one they call doctor feelgood
he's the one that makes ya feel all right

laurie's moving out of the dorm today. bah. people are dumb :-/
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the adventures of jamie

Scummder (3:57:58 PM): I'm going to be leaving soon!
King Nixon (3:59:27 PM): you must stay online at all times for my entertainment
Scummder (3:59:33 PM): heh
Scummder (3:59:38 PM): Unfortunatly I won't be able to :-(
King Nixon (4:00:04 PM): the spiders from mars may grow angry....
Scummder (4:00:13 PM): :o
Scummder (4:00:17 PM): I'll have to risk it!
King Nixon (4:00:27 PM): they may devour your face
Scummder (4:00:36 PM): NOT MY FACE!
King Nixon (4:00:48 PM): *spiderspiderspider*
Scummder (4:00:56 PM): EEE!! *runs away*
King Nixon (4:02:22 PM): :E >you< 3:
King Nixon (4:02:25 PM): you are surrounded!
Scummder (4:02:35 PM): *dissapears*
Scummder (4:02:36 PM): HAHA
King Nixon (4:03:25 PM): wow!
King Nixon (4:03:38 PM): it wont save you, however:
Scummder (4:03:38 PM): I am amazing!
King Nixon (4:03:39 PM): :E >invisible you< 3:
Scummder (4:03:42 PM): NOOO
King Nixon (4:11:44 PM): it is dark here. you may be eaten by a spidergrue from mars.
Scummder (4:11:48 PM): :oi
Scummder (4:11:50 PM): hehe
King Nixon (4:11:53 PM): LOL
King Nixon (4:11:56 PM): oi
King Nixon (4:11:57 PM): OI
King Nixon (4:11:59 PM): ()][
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