April 7th, 2002

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i've only gotten 1 answer here so far, and i'm really stuck on this. so i poll!

here is the poem:
the shortest distance
inspire me, i said
and she laughed
and i was
now the problem is, i can't decide if i want to leave the last line on or not. here is my discussion with amy, who favors keeping the line, so you can see what i'm looking at here.

Poll #26679 i don't know how to edit

should i keep the last line?


why you say?

i shall take all your thoughts into consideration. then i shall ignore them and decide. then i'll change my mind, then i'll pick one and not look at this poem for months, until i forget it. the end.
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go to my friend jeremy's site and get all his songs. i especially recommend monkeyland, kitty's toy, and his one serious song i forget the name of.
this is what happens when weirdos go to yale to study music.
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i have a question. why is valuing someone's looks bad but valuing their mind good?
seriously, i don't see why one is inherently superior. this is something that's drilled into us from childhood, that people should be judged based on their minds and personality and not on looks at all, and if you don't do that you're shallow. isn't someone's body just as much a part of them as their mind? and just as malleable. someone's personality is to an extent affected by how they look, and i suppose vice versa.

and if you were wondering, the subject is something i came across years ago and was intrigued by. it was on an x-files fan site, it was a group of people who would talk about how they were obsessed with gillian anderson. what made it strange was that they were very insistent that it had nothign to do with looks at all, because they were so superior to just thinking of someone physically, and that they liked her because she was IDDG: intellectually drop dead gorgeous.
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