April 21st, 2002


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i had to dig out the link for billiam, so now i'll share it with alla you. why penguins rule: http://www.sentex.net/~tntcomm/kwfn/Penguin.htm

layne staley is dead. fuck.

so i'm sick today, i guess. i'm all achy and i have a wicked sore throat, and general run-down-ness. word. i can only assume this is from being out in the ridiculous cold for 4 hours last night

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and i've been waiting such a long time

it's been a weekend, all right.

oh btw, i've been informed that it wasn't jordan and andy asleep in the lounge last night, after all. granted, it was dark and 5 in the morning, but i was SURE it was them. so their evil twins are going around sleeping in lounges, is my new theory.

anyway. thursday bree sharp played in the mub, free show. all i'd known about her previous was she wrote some pop song about david duchovny, so i was thinking itd probly be pretty lame, but free is free so i'd check it out 1st. turns out she's wicked good! i enjoyed it a lot. and she covered "the boys of summer" so, ya know, rules. nastassia got her cd, and i got her guitarist's cd, cuz he was fucking GREAT. i havent listened to it yet tho, cuz i stole all nastassia's cds and i've been burning them all weekend. mmm piratey music.
friday, went to backstabbers inc show in whereverthehell, maine. yeah maine. it was lotsa fun, and i saw tons of random people. DANK! oh man..
i went up with laura/christie/dara. was sposed to go with andy and casey but they vanished. turned out they went to get colleen and food, or something. but we were waiting around a half hour and finally decided to go, and they appeared right then when we were driving away. hi!
anyway. show. rock. casey brings the mosh. we all kicked a tennis ball around in a circle, but we suck and kept launching it out of the circle at people's heads. the first band was drums, guitar, screamy guy, and screechy guy. he scared me. just hunched next to the speakers and SCREECHED into his mic, this high shriek noise, over and over, the same in every song. it was weird. none of the bands impressed me much, really, but it was fun.
then we went to the beach, and some of the people who are clearly suicidal ran into the ocean. it was fucking cold. my feet were half numb just from walking on the sand. so somehow they lived, and we all lounged about on a playground. i got depressed for no reason, wandered around awhile, and felt better. we got groceries at shopnsave and went to cook at jacquelin's apt, which i've heard about but never been to. its the place to be, yo. she's one of those people who i see around a lot, we know the same people, but we've never really talked at all. for no particular reason. she seems nice, everyone loves her. we shall be the friends! la. i think that's the end of that day, we left at like 1 and went home and i was randomly wicked hyper at this point, but went to bed soon after and slept for a million hours.
it was a very seeing-everyone's-rooms-that-i've-never-been-to day: dara, laura, jac. whee.
you know.. i've known dara awhile, not well but i see her around everywhere. she's always seemed pretty cool, but never really.. noteworthy. but i've been thinking about her a lot since friday. hmm...
yesterday was another running around with people day. walmart. i started feeling like they were a group and i was tagging along, whcih sucked. but yeah, i'm crazy.
free outdoors movies are good, but bad, cuz they make me sit outside in the freezing cold and get sick, which i am today. but orange county was entertaining, albeit stupid as hell, and the others was excellent. definitely worth seeing.
if any of you were at the betapalooza thing and know who that 1st band were, lemme know. they were good, but we left before they finished and they never talked during their set. so i have no idea who it was.

today i have to do lots of american lit stuff, and i just remembered that english permission classes sign ups are tomorrow, so i need to figure out my schedule. and i'm sposed to talk to john today. and i have to learn linguistics someday. and write papers for everything. and i havent even eaten today cuz sitting is more fun. i think i'll go do that now tho. oh philbrook

i want to use all my userpics at once for this entry. pretend theyre all there, in a row. dancing.
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this is the disclaimer: my name is atom. i'm a jewish boy. i'm very neurotic that people are gonna get mad at me. i like jews. i like christian people. there should be no problem. it's.. not that funny. *giggles*

that will never stop making me crack up
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here it comes

yeah so i'm all about listening to all my stones mp3s when i get back. why doesn't anyone rule this much anymore?

scarfad! i randomly remembered the existance of that word yesterday, and it's been running thru my head constantly. scarfadscarfadscarfad! scarrrrrfad

i'm a posting fiend today, i'm sorry

why do i get colder when i put clothes on? that doesnt make sense. i'm chilly now. maybe i'll go to dinner naked
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Atom and his Package
Friday April 26th
Lewiston, ME
Benjamin Mays Center - Bates College - 207-786-6305

you know you want to go. hell, it's even free. up and atom!
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sorethroaty dan

because it'd been 2 whole days adn that's too long for stalking, i saw steph leblanc at dinner. maybe i SHOULD stalk her, it doesnt seem like it would be very hard

oh man, i am getting so into this song right now. come sing along with me

meanwhile, winamp is collapsing. it currently refuses to accept keyboard commands. stupid.
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