April 28th, 2002


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in the on the spot, they asked people what hteir favorite nickelodeon show was. 2 people said 'are you afraid of the dark' except they both called it 'who's afraid of the dark'. if it's your favorite show, at least get the damn name right

"It is like a dish of creamy existential pudding. I like pudding." --E

and now i just got back.. went to get indian food with a buncha people, then up to maine w/ jordan and gill, fun times. and i come back to this..

CityBabe9 (11:20:31 PM): Did you hear that I went under the knife on Thursday?
King Nixon (11:21:03 PM): !!
King Nixon (11:21:04 PM): no
King Nixon (11:21:06 PM): what happened?
CityBabe9 (11:21:19 PM): Remember when you brought me the ER that time?
King Nixon (11:21:24 PM): yeah
CityBabe9 (11:21:35 PM): That pain was a tumor growing on my ovary.
CityBabe9 (11:21:49 PM): And they just found it on Thursday.
King Nixon (11:21:57 PM): oh no
CityBabe9 (11:22:14 PM): It was cutting off blood to the rest of my body and if it didn't come out then, I would've died in a few days or hours/
King Nixon (11:22:19 PM): :-(
King Nixon (11:22:33 PM): are you ok now, or iwll it come back?
CityBabe9 (11:22:36 PM): But after three years of pain, everyone knows I'm not crazy
CityBabe9 (11:22:55 PM): They are pretty positive its benign
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the room was paper white the night you saved my life

even when i'm actively TRYING to get work done, i end up distracted. i went to blackboard to get my assignment for western civ, spent 15 minutes trying to make it let me log in, and then a half hr reading some site on writing papers that the teacher linked to for fun. je suis suck.
it's raining gross today. on the plus side, i'm finally doing my laundry. clean!
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