May 20th, 2002



some of you are amateur dream interpreter types.. check this out (2nd half of the post). oh man.

i am having a completely undefinable emotion, right now, but it's rather unpleasant.

not that i feel anything like that link, but i love that one, i coudlnt resist using it. and in finding that link, i discovered that is not making any more comics. bastards! so, in memory, here are some of the good ones..

is one of the few sweet strips they ever did:
this one is silly, but it's one of my favorites:
oh creepy:
eat the stick!
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that is bach and it rocks
it's a rock block of bach


in other news--

i am frustrated.
i make things too difficult.
i shouldn't do that.
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i love this song

i want to run with you through more than fields
convince yourself that everything is all right
because it already is

and his cute little waaaah! before the breakdown
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i wanna bite the hand that feeds me
i wanna bite that hand so badly

i find it funny that i still have faint bruises from the last time i fenced, in march.

QUICK, SOMEONE TELL ME 2 PAGES WORTH OF INFO ON FRENCH QUESTION FORMATION. this is the worst paper i've written in forever. seriously. o man, i have no idea what i'm talking about, it's amazing. but i'm on the 4th page! (assumign i hvaent given way to much room to hte diagrams which i get to draw in at the end). sure is a good thing it's almost a week late, i've clearly made good use of my extra time! yep. totally.

stupid french and its not beign english. and my worse-than-usual typing ability

btw, spellchecking a paper with random french phrases sprinkled thru it is tons of fun

tho i actually did come up with a perfectly valid point that wasnt spoonfed to me[1], so i'm proud.

[1] dan's theory of why only modals are moved when forming a question in english ("you will go" --> "will you go?"), but any verb can move in french, as pasted from his shitty paper and helpfully notated:
The reason for this seems to be the increased 'power' of the INFL position [this being where the modals live, and where info on tense and the subject reside for the verb's use] in French. In ENglish, the I [the INFL] goes down to join the verb, with the exception of 'be' which moves to I. In French, all verbs will mvoe to the I position if it is unoccupied. If the I is unoccupied in English, then a hitherto invisible "do" appears to fill the C position in questions. It is actually coming from the I and not simply being created in C, as it leaves a trace when it moves. In French, as any verb can fill the I position, there is no corresopding modal appearance. The reason the I wields more power in French may be due to the language makign mroe use of overt verb-subject agreement than English does. While it is not nearly as involved as many other languages (the pro-drop languages, for exmaple [which have enough info on the subject in the I and tehrefore in the verb that sometimes the subject can be dropped altogether]), it is moreso than English, especially in writing as many of the written differences are not pronouned.
so that's my one vaguely thoughtful paragraph in what is supposed to be a 7 pg paper. maybe i'll come up with another in the last three pages! but i doubt it
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yay! in looking for an example sentence for echo questions, i decided on "dave is in the blender." for yes/no questions i'm going to be asking if people know they are on fire. example sentences are fun!

(lest the teacher be too frightened, i also have a bob being asked if he loves linda)

and this is the best ending ever for a paper...
In conclusion, I cannot think of any suave way to conclude this paper, so I offer you this amusing linguistic comic strip instead:
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