May 25th, 2002

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i'm on the interweb! from my computer! at home!

yes. it's been very exciting. i got home thursday and was all sorts of exhausted, as i'd been up all ngiht packing my precious belongings. i dont know how i GOT so many precious belongings, especially crammed in my little room, but yeah. i helped people clean 2 walls, because drawing on walls is fun but cleaning it is not. anyway, got home, dumped tons of stuff on floor, talked to parents, slept forever.
today, i did some unpacking (some), lounged about, went to get a haircut but it was the longest wait ever so i left, attempted to pillage the going-out-of-business kmart for price reduced goodies, but clearly the rest of the nation had beaten me to it, as basically all they had left was grapefruit juice, bras, and romance novels. i have work tomorrow, la.
audiogalaxy bastards deleted my queu list! they do that whenever i cant get on for awhile, even tho it says nothing of that in the faq anywhere. but theyre jerks. and it was still there like a week ago too.. bah on their faces. but at least i can GET to audiogalaxy again. oh teh piracy. arrrg!
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i don't get this song

hey, i forget the actual dates and stuff, but my parents are goin on some trips this summer. a week in june and 2 weeks in august. you are all required to move into my house while they're gone so we can have massive parties and shoot heroin (and rifles). seriously, anyone who wants to come, i would be ecstatic. i'll post the dates when i get em

so i've got this best of the smiths cd. it's not bad, but definitley not as amazing as i had been expecting/hoping. but hey, still good. i looked em up, though[1], and found this review that said the 2 best love songs ever were this one, and joy division's "love will tear us apart". oh boy oh boy do i disagree, neither of these are particularly loving songs at all (nothing more romantic than a song about the sun coming out of your butt and how people hate you cuz you're poor, or about how the relationship has run out of romance. oh baby). i think i just don't properly appreciate weirdo new wavey type bands.
speaking of weirdo new wave bands, i saw a video tonight for the funniest nerds ever - "the keys to gramercy park" by deadsy. theyre like if orgy fully embraced their desire to be flock of seagulls. the song sucks, but i coudlnt stop laughing (and i downloaded it, of course)

and now i'm listening to the smiths "some girls are bigger". what the hell?? some girl's mothers are bigger than other girl's mothers. i really don't understand why this song exists

[1] i looked it up because the "please please please let me get what i want" on the cd does not at all sound like my mp3 of it. since it's a pretty safe bet the cd version is the smiths, i'm wondering now what this other one is. i'm pretty sure it's morrisey singing, sounds like him anyway, but the music is all synthy poppy and it's like a minute longer than the cd version, and doesnt have the fun mandolin solo
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i realize sometimes how much of a kid i am, that makes me happy. like when i was playing 1945 the other day (it's a flying planes around and shooting robots with lasers arcade game, if you missed that post), i was getting so into it, and yelling at the game and jumping up and down when i finally blew up that giant spider robot bastard, or when i buy an action figure on a whim because it can blow its head up[1], so i can sit there and make the shooting gun hand motion and push the button on his chest so his head pops open, and amuse myself endlessly. and then i go watch cartoons and play nintendo

oh yeah, as if the jar jar binks french kissing lollipop of std death wasnt bad enough, there apaprently exists a dancing and singing jar jar action figure thing. i woulda bought it if it wasnt like 30 bucks or something distressing. singing and dancing! ha!

[1] after searching ebay for "exploding head" action figures, i finally discovered who he is. max steele! so you all must fear the max steele blowing-up-his-own-head skillz, they will eat you

good night!
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