May 29th, 2002



there's this guy thomas who works at cumbys now, 3rd shift. he's an immense very imposing black guy. anyway, sunday night there haven't been any customers in like 10 minutes and my shift has 15 minutes left, so i figure it's time to start closing my shift. this is a process which involves the register spending a long time doing something or other, then printing out a lot of stupid information. i, meanwhile, have to count every last damn penny in there. anyway, long story short, any customers who want to purchase something for the next 10-15 minutes are shit outta luck. so of course, as soon as i start closing, tons of customers appear, and start bitching at me that they want to be waited upon instantly and to hell with my job or even the physical possibility of using hte computer right now, they need immediate service. so of course, i murder them all.
well, no, i keep counting change and tell them it'll be a few minutes. anyway, that's taken care of and i'm just starting to work with the giant line of people which has magically formed in the store solely to complain and hate me, when thomas shows up. i look up at him and say "thank god you're here!" so he can help get rid of all the customers so i can fill out my paperwork and get the hell out of there. but maybe i sounded a little too thankful, because i think he thought we were getting robbed. he instantly gets in a Clobbering People position and says, very nervously, "why, what's wrong?" he was definitely ready to punch people in the head. so i assured him all was well, i was just glad to have help dealing with everyone
then the next day, there were giant massive thunderstorms all evening and the credit card thingy got knocked out. so whenever someone pulled up to get gas or came in, i got to announce to them that they couldn't use their card. a fair number of them glared at me and stalked off. yes, clearly, i personally broke the credit card machine soley to irritate you. and like five minutes before i'm out of there, the store loses power for a minute. not a big deal or anything, but at the time we were a mite concerned

black, white: revenge of the hittite!
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alien chest burst

things that make me feel wicked good about myself

so monday night, jeff and dave showed up at cumbys at like 10:20 or so. they hang around for a bit. at about 10:40, i tell them "hey, what are you guys doin tonight? i'm off at 11, you should stick aroudn til then". their response is to not acknowledge that at all, and then leave a few minutes later. thanks a bunch, fuckheads
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we like the cars, the cars that go boom.

saw spiderman last night. what a funtastic movie

and now i must see zardoz! based solely on that review. it sounds wonderful
and andy: when i saw that review, i thought at first that it was where your name came from, which made it even funnier

note to my mom: do not stick your hand in my trash can. what the hell are you thinking? and especially don't pull out a fried chicken bit, look at it dangling between the two fingers you're holding with, go ewwww, adn drop it back in. if you want to bring my trash out, thank you. but just do it, don't examine my lunch

argh! i've got a song stuck in my head and i don't know what it is. all i can remember is the line "you're my [some word that rhymes with creation]" repeated over and over. do you know?!?
update i figured it out! the song (and word) is "temptation" by vast.
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