June 3rd, 2002


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woah, the scorpions are from germany

i hate taking pills. but i hate massive headache/neckache throbbing fucking pain even more, so i choked em down. i have nothing against taking pills itself, i'ts not particularly pleasant but i can deal, but they often do bizarre things to me. like make me throw up, or send shooting pains thru my nose, or i'll be coughing a half hour later and one will pop back out. so i feel kinda sketchy towards them now

adult swim ruled tonite. except mission hill, which sucks. and presumably everything before 11:30 cuz that's when i started watching. but all the williams street stuff was great. who the hell was that 1st guest on space ghost tho?

in other news: oh my crap
to quote sgnp:
Poor, poor, bald chicken.

First impressions:

Paul Gude Mind #1: "Aaaaaie! Killitkillitkillit! Wait, no, all life, sacred! Brain smokingonfire!"

Paul Gude Mind #2: "That's a pretty color."
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social phobia is fun

i am well aware that i have no reason at all to be shy or introverted or any of that shit

not to say i'm so wonderful, but simply that there is no good reason to not be outgoing, to not act how you wish you would. i'ts stupid for ANYone to be otherwise. it is really pointlessly annoying and miserable, and you miss out on a lot of opportunities

knowing this, of course, does not make me any less afraid of everyone. just makes me aware of my stupidity in giving in to it as i do. good for me.
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so what the hell happened to no doubt, anyway? they used to be ska. then they became a normal rock band. now theyre techno new wave or something. don't get me wrong, i've liked them all the way thru, but jeez
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