June 5th, 2002


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i'm sick of posting when i have nothing to say. i think i'll stop doing that

so i guess you'll all hear from me in a few years
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bends head

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i'm too lazy to make this a real poll thingy, but pretend it is a poll and answer in comments.

give me advice. any advice at all.
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thank you, doctor insano

lyzi said today that she's feeling crampy and run-down and generally blah, but not sick per se.. and that this was how she felt the day she got brought to the hospital and ended up having a tumor taken out. at the time, my "everything's fine! mindless optimism is the way to go!" reflex kicked in, but now i'm afraid something is wrong. what if i wake up tomorrow and find out she's dead?

^ this was from last night, when lj was down for maintanence and i couldnt post it ^

and today she said she slept for like 12 hrs and she's feeling a lot better now, but has a little fever. so there you go.

i, on the other hand, ache a damn lot. that's what i get for playing xtreme pingpong.

my aunt just called. she was explaning to me why it's very importnat that i marry a jewish girl, because if i don't raise my kids jewish they will be christian "and worship a statue". i mentioned to her that a) they could be raised without a religion and b) even if they werent, there's more than 2 religions in the world. her response is that if they're not raised jewish, they will hear about everyone else celebrating xmas and want to go to church and sing to jesus. okie doke.
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