June 13th, 2002


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ren and stimpy!! TNN rocks my dick off

i am going to visit lilduckie4jesus and feste in july! the 4th to 16th. Collapse ) whee!

mad, how close are you to newark? apparently i'll be there a couple hours

so they took the pumps offline today at work. it RULED. there were so few customers, i was just sitting there reading and listening ot hte radio and talking to the people who did dare to come in. oh man. people need to come visit me at work. but yeah, judging from my closing-the-shift paperwork, we did 1/3 the business that we normally would. so that's 2/3s more time i have to not work. and this is going on for a month! yeah
for all i gripe about cumbys, it really is a good job. where else could i get paid to sit around and read and eat and crank the radio when good songs come on?
oh, and it turns out the reason i had so little to do was that justin gave me my instructions wrong. the big blue container things he said tami (manager) wanted in the back cooler were actually full of food i was supposed to take out and put on the shelves. la!

i read people's journals sometimes and get so jealous
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