June 25th, 2002

bends head


i got a papercut at work today (cept it was from a plastic container thing, so it was really a plastic cut. but yeah). didnt hurt too much but it was bleeding like a motherfuck so i got a bandaid and put it on and all was well. like 4 hours later, i figure it had to be fine by now and take off the bandaid. and indeed it was fine. until about 5 minutes later when it started bleeding again. dammit! so i got another bandaid and now i'm afraid to take it off in case it starts bleeding again
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alien chest burst

>:o !!!!

what the hell is this?!? i was all psyched to go see quiet riot saturday night at chantillys, and i'm checking online now to see how much tickets are, and the show doesn't exist anymore. not like it's cancelled, it's just not there. they're playing in pa that night. fucktuckets! you were supposed to be in manchester dammit! quiet riot!
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    soul coughing