July 12th, 2002

zombie penguin

stupid like a fox

Hi Dan,

How are things? Hope you're enjoying yourself.

I don't know if you've been trying to get your E-Mail or not, but if you
have, and if some of it seems to have disappeared, there's an explanation.
We did a Send/Receive to get Nancy's mail. We tried send/receive for just
attbi.com first, and didn't get anything; I don't know why that didn't
work. Then we did a send/receive ALL, and both yours and your mother's
mail was downloaded. So yours is not on the mail server anymore, which is
why it may have seemed to just vanish. It's all on your computer for when
you get home. Won't be timely at that point, but at least you know it
didn't just float of into space.

See you next week,
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swimming with sharks

we (me lauri and dennis) went to an Collapse )
Collapse )

ps: "the revelation" fucking ruled. most badass ride ever. i think she said it was going like 80mph, and it looked about 200ft up, and spinning and flipping and going around and backwards and crazy and disorienting and awesome and i want to go again. someone buy me one, i'll put it in my backyard.

ok, that's enough of that. it's time to clean.
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