July 18th, 2002


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so i got home this morning at like 10am or so. my mom's reaction to my dyed hair was that i should have dyed it a more unnatural color, like bright red or green or purple. but she warned me not to use too much bleach/dye or the hair would fall out, like her's did when she was 22. my mom rules.

tomorrow i pick up laura at shop n save (right..) and drive down to unh to meet a billion people, then we all go down to andy's. yay! having a month off from real life is fun! not that working at cumbys is the drudgery of grim reality i need to escape from, but hey.. vacation..
maybe next week, when i'm done flitting about, i'll give some sort of wrap-up to it all. most likely not.

winamp is skipping mp3s like a cd player in a paint mixer. i don't know why, i don't have very much running or anything, it should be fine. dammit. BE FINE. it skips when i move my mouse, for fucks sake. moving the mouse is not such a large draw on the processor, that i'm aware of.

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