July 23rd, 2002



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quick like a bunny

i suppose i should be glad/grateful to have reality force itself onto my hopeless fantasies, but it's all so damn frustrating and predictable, not to mention dreadfully slow at doing any good. i wish i could have violently sudden revelations and irrevocable events in my life, instead of slow constant grinding adjustment.

i picked up a Something Corporate sampler at the boy sets fire show. two songs, one of which i'd heard before (konstantine). i have been listening to it constantly, i love it so bad. i didn't like konstantine all that much when dave sent me the mp3, but it's grown on me a lot. and i lovelovelove "iF yoU C Jordan" which is a great little song even if the title is annoying and pointless. my dad likes it too, and we started talking about all the great bands that are out there and never get any wide exposure. you should all listen to all the bands i like so you can be as amazingly cultured and in-the-know as i am

so, what have morals done for you lately? because i was thinking- they haven't done a hell of a lot for me
(note: something like "i havent been murdered" does not count, because there are many fine reasons not to go around killing people that have nothing to do with morality [for example, the "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" principle is not neccasarily a moral guide as a good idea to prevent chaos: people following that would not shoot each other, but people following "do unto others as they do unto you" would quickly result in just that]. how have you, or the world in general, benefitted from pure morality in a way which would not have happened by any other method or reason?)

when they played me on the radio tonight, i noticed something that has been brought to my attention before, but i never gave much thought to: i talk really fucking fast. i was just spitting all the words out as quick as they would go, soitallcameoutinonebigrush. that must get really annoying for anyone who i talk to on a regular basis. i don't think i do this all the time, but often enough, and i've never paid attention to when i am doing it or not (i don't even know if i could tell the difference without recording myself). my theories of why i do this are a) i want to get thru everything before i forget what i was going to say, which i do a lot, and b) stagefright. i get shy and nervous and want to make my point and finish talking already so i can shut up and not be on the spot anymore. (yes, i get shy calling in to radio stations. yes, i know it's stupid).
i remember, back in my laws and ethics class at central (or whatever that class was called), the teacher always had to repeat what i'd said because half the class couldn't understand it. oh yeah, and not only do i talk fast, i mumble too. mumblemumblemumble. dan is intelligible a whole lot, yep.

i was going to say something else, but i forgot. ha. (no, i'm serious) i saw boondock saints last night! good movie. odd movie. it had some large flaws, but was excellent most ways so all is well. go watch it now. too damn open-ended for my taste tho, i want the rest of the story
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good times


ct was fun (despite my being in a rather gloomy mood for a lot of it, for no reason worth existing. no one knew i was anyway, so i guess it didnt matter). i've typed far too much on here tonight, so i'll just say that. thank you andy for letting us take over your world for awhile, and thank you andy + everyone else for being friends
oh! i never said anything about my other trip either, did i. bellingham and new westminster were fun. thank you lauri and dennis for letting me take over your world for awhile, and thank you lauri and dennis + everyone else for being friends

there, now i can turn off my computer.

wait, one more thing first

thank you
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