July 24th, 2002


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here is some Really Good Life Advice: if at ANY point, for ANY reason, you recieve an invitation to go on a talkshow so someone you know can - live on-air - reveal a secret to you, do not go and never speak to them again. they have either cheated on you with multiple sluts, or did something bizarre and terrible to you as a child, depending on who it is.

i don't have any amusing anecdotes today, i'm afraid. cool things that happened today are: giant huge storm causing us to lose power twice in 10 minutes, and beth was working next door when i went to get a sub. good times.

oh, i'll say this: losing power at work is funny, cuz the customers get all pissy taht i cant ring up their purchases WHEN THE LIGHTS ARE OUT AND THE COMPUTERS ARE OFF AND I CAN"T OPEN THE REGISTERS

stuck in the middle with me

if one assumes that posting a livejournal comment takes about 1 minute on average, then i have spent very nearly 5 full days of my life commenting. i can't figure out if that's a huge amount or not.
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