August 3rd, 2002


oh blah

good things about today: newsradio, winning a 20'' pizza from rock101-- i can go get it anytime monday onwards. who's up for a pizza party?

bad things about today: everything else. except..

bizarre things about today: these two black guys come in, who look about 25 or so. one of them has an earphone thing in his right ear, like for cellphones and such. they tell me theyre undercover cops and i just sold alcohol to a minor. i can't remember doing so but i suppose it's possible someone looked a fuck lot older than they were, so i'm a little "oh shit" at this point. they tell me to come outside. i'm still a little sketchy about all this, but i start hesitently walking out from behind the counter. as soon as i move, they crack up and tell me they're just fucking with me (it occurs to me now, i shouldve first thing asked to see their badges, but hey). at this point, i simultaneously have 3 responses: i laugh a lot, i want to stomp them to death, and i am immensely relieved. to make it weirder (and funnier to me), one of them tells me he's joe cooper's brother. i was so weirded out by the time they left.

so yeah, 2 good things, one confusing thing, and the rest of the day sucked ass.
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    deftones - engine no.9+wicked (live with max from soulfly)