August 17th, 2002


what an odd thing to say

Lactaid06 (10:19:55 PM): Wanna be my some of the time boyfriend?
King Nixon (10:20:16 PM): why yes
King Nixon (10:20:19 PM): how's that work?
Lactaid06 (10:21:15 PM): Well some of the time I want to date steve so you won't be my boyfriend then, but some times I don't so you will then.
King Nixon (10:22:49 PM): i see
King Nixon (10:22:53 PM): why sometimes you dont?
Lactaid06 (10:24:58 PM): Because he is really bad as a boyfriend and self-centered.
Lactaid06 (10:25:42 PM): So he doesn't always think of me or in my interest. I feel I deserve a full time appreciation or recognition, so that is where you step in.