August 19th, 2002

alien chest burst

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i spent 3 hours waiting for eric to not call when he was supposed to, when i wanted to go climbing instead but stayed home to talk to him when he didnt call. also, his mom is never home when i call so i cant get the insurance info. luckily, his brother redeemed the family today by giving me a copy of xp. some fucks stole a buncha pepsi 12packs from work tonite. and a shitload of trashbags fell all over the place and i coudlnt get them to stay on the shelf. and stupid crazy people everywherrrre

and lot of really random people came into cumbys today.. jeremy (justin says when he leaves: "well, that kid was fruity"), sarah short (he advised me to get her number. i pointed out that she is really weird), james chase and steve martin.

i am currently listening to all my faith no more mp3s. i just discovered i have the entire "angel dust" album. rockin!
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    this is the way i pray