September 7th, 2002


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it seems i got something sappy on my sock. that is a lovely smell, but i can't say i'm thrilled by it gooing my finger.

in radder news, nastassia's mom baked me cookies. how much does she rule? they're better than any store crap stylee. and i began nastassia and laura's rockstar lessons today. i don't know how to teach. at all. anything. this calls into question my recent thought of being a college english professor. i'm steadily whittling down all my ideas of what i might do with my self after school to NOTHING AT ALL. shit. i guess i'll just stay in school forever

i had quite the evening. got out of fencing, went to the fallfest w/ people, most of whom left. so it was me and vanessa. we hit all the rides- the gyro thing was rad but shoulda been faster, the extreme[1] bungee jumping sucked cuz i coudlnt flip, and i won at riding the mechanical bull by a second (beat her won. some other people destroyed both of us). 7 seconds! and it only cost me getting tackled by the damn thing after i got tossed off. then some guy had a ninja battle with the bull and that was fun
we went to jess/alicia/unpresent people's room and watched american pie 2 and talked. i learn a lot more about them when they talk to each other than when they talk to me. one thing i learned is that my life isnt nearly as interesting as theirs. but would i want it to be?

ps: dave, your handwriting looks like a 10 yr old

[1] they lie. it wasn't very extreme. not even with just 1 x
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show me the show

o yeah, and this whole dashboard thing is being more effort than it should be. casey never sent directions, i never called dave and heron. i guess if i don't have directions i'll just drive straight down to storrow drive and figure things out. but he'll probably call in teh morning or something. and hopefully everyone will be around

um, apparently it ate the end of my np, so it'll go here: [prais]e / scott weiland - opposite octave reaction
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