September 16th, 2002


oops, i wrote this last night and never posted it

paradise lost is frustrating to read. so many footnotes! and i can't skip them, because theyre THERE, and i see the little number and i just have to go to the bottom of the page and read it, but then i lose the flow of what i was reading and i have to go back. it's a slow process.

coach diagnosed my frequent foot cramp-feeling as tendonitis. the cure is, for a week, when i sleep, to wear a sweatsock over the afflicted foot with a bread bag tied over that. he also advised me to make sure my windows are wide open each morning before i take the bag off

NOOO IT'S STARTED AGAIN! remember last year, i kept finding bits of wood and nails on my floor? theyre back. i don't understand. i think my room is haunted (by nails and bits of wood, yes).
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I JUST HAD THE MOST FUNNEST TIME EVER. haha oh man. so skatefest.. only went to tonite.. with caseyboy, mike, jordan, and stacey. we stopped at casey's house on the way down and got great food and his mom talked to stacey about how he's a bad son. then we were there- lots of great bands, good shows, yay. scissorfight was absurd. the singer looks kinda like my friend's dad and had a really creepy stare. the new songs suck (i usually think new songs suck) but they were rock and it was well. boy sets fire were good but only played like 2 songs i know. um.. other bands. also good.
then andrew wk. now, i was the only one who had any idea who he was. i coudlnt think of anything more accurate so i described him as bon jovi only not. none of htem were too thrilled by this, but they stuck around cuz i wanted to see him so bad. he was SO GREAT. holy shit. the most fun ive had at a show in a long time - probably since hte welcome back jack show. a lot of dancing around and being silly and we stormed the stage twice, and i almost knocked a speaker over. me, some other kid, and wk were singing party hard, and he handed the mic to the other kid, who handed it to me. i coudlnt remember how the verse started so i just kinda stood there for a minute, adn handed it to someone else, who also didnt remember but didnt seem to mind. i dont think anyone else noticed that the singing had stopped. for the grand finale, he - with no music playing - flailed around the stage to some music in his head, and sprayed more sweat everywhere than a wet dog. then he jumped off a balcony onto the speakers. he is hte n'sync of metal and i had a blast. then i came out, and everyone i was with (who had left after the 1st song) HATED him, and made fun of me for liking him, which just made it more fun for me because he really does suck but it doenst matter. also i'll point out that mike and casey put on some ska on the way home which didnt sound much more respectable
tho i will say, i have no idea how he got picked to headline a show of mostly hardcore bands. 90% of the pit cleared out after glassjaw (who i thought kinda sucked anyway), who were 2nd to last. he did not fit in the least
o yeah, the subject-- i yelled that at some point, between songs, and the kid in front of me gave me the dirtiest look. i think youre only allowed to refer to him by his full name. and i think all the kids trying to jump over me and landing DIRECTLY ON MY HEAD pulled something in my neck/shoulder region. good chance that hurts like a mother by tomorrow

ps: he played a tribute to boston. it consisted of some awful chord played over and over while he screamed BOSTON and various words he made up that rhymed with boston. and he kept time when he wasnt singing by doing the mashed potato and slamming the mic against his head. no face smashing tho
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quick review

*the from autumn to ashes cd i bought is defective and skips a lot. i tried some other cds, and they play fine. i cleaned the drive. there is nothing on the actual cd to clean, not even a smudge. it looks like there's a watermark inside the cd or something. is this one of those "copyprotected" asshole cds? no, nevermind. no cds play right anymore.

*the printer driver i installed so i can do double-sided printing pops up a systray icon every time i start the computer, even tho i selected the "hide the stupid pointless icon" option

*the taskbar gets dropped down to 1 thingy tall whenever i turn the computer on, despite me moving it to 2 tall every time

*whenever windows is starting now, it tells me that my login failed because my password was wrong. now, a) this is before anything has happened which might involve me logging in, b) i don't have a password, c) when i click ok it brings me to the welcome screen, wheron i click on my name and it logs me in w/o asking for a password. also, in the error screen, it shows, in the password box whcih i have never typed anything into, two **s. so i guess the wrong password which it MADE UP OUT OF THIN AIR FOR NO REASON is two characters long

i give the fuck up. this computer is as retarded as the last one. as soon as i get the office cd which i smoothly left at home, i'm going to reformat and reinstall everything. if it doesn't work then, i will destroy it and run a new computer myself by manipulating the binary digits by hand. if that fails, i will reformat my brain.
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