September 18th, 2002

alien chest burst

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so, today:

i lost my jacket. to be more accurate, i forgot it in the whitt monday. it isn't up on the court, it isn't down in the fencing room, and it isn't in lost n found. so someone decided they wanted to keep my 6 yr old stained green fuzzy jacket. (the one with the rose bowl sticky, laur).
and i lost the ms office 2000 cd a few days ago. i'm on a goddamn roll.

also, just now, it took me AN HOUR to get my computer to boot up w/o freezing. this involved uninstalling zonealarm and mcaffee. tho somehow mcaffee, despite being uninstalled, IS STILL RUNNING. GET OFF MY FUCKING COMPUTER.

so yeah, this has been a super fun evening.
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