October 8th, 2002


You are faced with death itself! One dwarf stands before you.

a guy came into work sunday who had the weirdest shaped head i have ever seen. it was BULBOUS. it looked like he had a soccer ball shoved in thru his ears. he literally had more head above his eyes than below, and it bulged out in the back, like some creepy little beerbelly. oh, and he had a squeaky voice. so i think i sold cigarettes to a poorly disguised alien today.

no no stay the same forever ....dammit


this song is so cute. no! no no no no no!

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oh fucking hooray. good for you mike. have fun. have a blast. i'll just sit in my room some more i guess.

i know i fucked up. i know it, it was stupid. i'm fuckin sorry. but dammit it was a slip and it was still more effort than youve ever put forth. so what am i supposed to say? i try now and nothing. this is the 1st day ive gotten a fucking resopnse at all for fucks sake. FUCKDEIKJSEGESA. so yeah. go back to him. that works so well. be here every day. i'll kill mylsef in a week. oh god i need to get out

youre so perfect in these ways and nothing at all in those ways and i cant reconcile it in my head. i WANT YOU SO MUCH.

theres just nothing to say, is there. please never smile at me again
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well i guess it doesn't matter
there'll always be another
i guess you didn't matter
i guess i'll find another
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