October 10th, 2002


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fun fact: in georgia, fornication is a misdemeanor. this proves (among other things), that if something is illegal that shouldnt be, it doesnt matter how many times the legislature says that it will only be used in proper circumstances. they lie. MAKE THEM CHANGE IT

wow, i don't know who that is, but someone in my dorm is blasting creed super damn loud. the least they could do is blast a good creed song. friggin "one last breath"
update: ok, after creed, we were treated to some reggae song, and now pink. sweet!

i dunno what's up today. i feel weird. i went to bed last nite at about 3, woke up at 10:40 for milton, decided FT and went back to sleep til about 2, then didnt get up til 3. i win. maybe aegis will be fun. we should have 283538 submissions this week, as yesterday was the deadline and EVERYONE brings them in the last week. it's great, we get like 3-5 a week, and then the last week we get 100-200. yay!
so yeah, aegis. then hall wars at 8, wherein i get to eat disgusting poison khaek-food while spelling. i will dominate. you should come watch.
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    Dames - Three To Get Ready - 6 - Mutiny, cranked up to overpower creed