October 13th, 2002


okay this has been bothering me....

coose always has this in his away msg.. it's a song quote. i know the song, i can hear it in my head. but i CANT REMEMBER what it is. i would just ask him, but i don't think he's ever actually online. he signs on, goes away, comes back, signs off. so please someone know this song and tell me so i dont have to kill myself
I can't see,
for the life of me,
As the time spins by,
Did we really leave the past behind?
i'm bad at figuring out songs i know. one of the acapella groups tonight did some guster song, and once again i knew it but didnt konw how i knew it. then heron's friend told me and i went OHH YEAH and was satisfied. the comedians sucked, oh well. casey looked so pretty today. unh decided today was a good time to give out red dragon trinkets, because i guess the company didnt send them the stuff til wednesday even tho the movie was like 2 weeks ago. now, before i tell you what we got, let me mention how unh has been getting bad press lately for being a party school and we're all drunks and the new prez has committed to stamping out this great satan among us. so, we got: red plastic mug, deck of cards, gum, towel, bottle opener. why thank you, mixed message fairy!
angela was at the acapella thing and sat with us at the comedian. i randomly see her like once a month and we play catchup and disapear again. it's like that
dave and sean dedicated a shot to me. number 8, i believe it was. they left me a voicemail so i could hear them drink it, and swear loudly, and whatever else they were yelling about. they werent swearing and yelling because they were drunk, mind you, they regularly leave me scary messages to brighten my day. they have the crazy[1].
i am going to health services this week so they can give me heroin, or whatever they give for sleep problems. i miss being able to fall sleep before 8am, and get up before 4pm. tho tomorrow i'm getting up at like 10:30, cuz i'm going to hang out with J and watch waking life and admire his pimp room. i really am curious what he's done to the place, it sounds impressive. it also sounds kinda like a posh hotel room, but we shall see.
oh yeah, and i have a cold

i started "slaughterhouse five" the other night. it's good. i fear i'm gonna have to start illuminatus! over again, it's too confusing to just pick up again after a month and have any clue what's going on. maybe not tho, maybe i'll remember everything perfectly. i hope so.

[1] ashi, i say this too much now. make it go away
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