October 14th, 2002


take off your thinking caps and lower your standards

we spend our lives on the imaginary verge of an enormous change. --Bobby Burgess

i have a bruise on my chest, directly over my heart. i have no idea how this happened.

i had a fun dream last night. apparently there's some town in jersey where, if you're out in the rain there, when you dry off you'll be much sexier. so i was driving out there, and i stop off at mad's house to visit. she had to go shopping so i was just hanging around. her basement was the bottom floor of the whitt, so i wandered down there and talked to some people. aly was there, and someone else i forget. i came back upstairs and these annoying kids who always bother me at cumbys came and started trashing the house. apparently in revenge for me giving one of them brain damage by throwing a coke can at her head (which i had memories of doing in the dream. sadly, this never actually happened). finally i got rid of them. then i drank bourbon. the end.
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    Smash Mouth - Do It Again ( Steely Dan Cover )