October 24th, 2002


so you know

i'm gonna have the best halloween costume ever. or at least the stupidest, which is just as good.
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okay this one at a time bullshit isnt working, i'll just ask everyone-- who wants to come with me to see bread and puppet? it's giant crazy puppets, and i guess they do social commentary and satire, or something. i don't really know. but they look crazy! and it's free! i have an extra ticket, and if anyone wants it say so. this will also be my away msg until someone claims it. first come first serve.
it's saturday at 8, in pcac. you should come.

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crap i missed my 1337 entry! by 10!

anyway, my life today:
*my one class of the day was cancelled, so i spent a good 4 hours hanging out in the mubeteria. fun was had
*my jesusdate went nicely. we discussed religion and such things, she wasnt going evangelical on me, it was a good talk. and she reminded me SO much of borges. basically, it all came down to faith; she's got it, i don't. also, i said why their ad campaign sucks but that i had no better ideas for making it better
*LIES rocked the hizzy (i think that means house). they covered "take me home tonight" and casey forgot words to songs and it was really great. everyone was :D
*aegis betrayed me and tons of stuff i hated got voted in, and things i liked got shafted. including all 3 of my submissions. 1st time i've submitted and not gotten anything in! bah. tho the wire room got in this time, so i had my one grand victory. maybe i'll resubmit "this is how it begins" every time, to be a bastard
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yeah so we can talk. we converse. use it. USE USE USSE. what? talk to geoff. ask him, tell him, he will know better thananyone. oh man
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