November 1st, 2002


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my costume was a definite success. it came out so great. as soon as i get pics, i'll post em up. halloween dance party tonight, ohso fun. yeah. bio journal due tomorrow that i havent written in in a month and a half. awesome. this was such a fun day.

and in much sadder news, some people are shitty and should die. laura just IMed me that some girl the other day got raped right near here. not like drunk at a party questionable consent rape, she got dragged into the woods. fucking terrible
if any of you local folks ever dont want to walk somewhere alone, let me know, i'll go with you. seriously, i dont care if you live across campus at 3 in the morning. dont get hurt
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    Rolling Stones - The Remixes - - Miss You - (12'' version)


you know, i didnt realize how much difference that beard made. but i just shaved it off and not only do i look a lot younger, my face looks smaller. i dunno, man