November 5th, 2002


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typo of the day: telephatic

word count for my 1st day of nanowrimo-ing: 274. so not only am i 4 days late in starting, but i am off to a very unwordy beginning. i'm gonna have to fuck shit up on thursday, as tomorrow i will be busy doing ALL THE WORK i didnt do today, and wednesday is my busy day already. i win.

oh crap, i missed the TNH letter deadline again. haha i still don't know if i want to do that roundtable debate thing. oh jeez

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love me more than ever

you know, if i had self-motivation, i'd be a fuckin rad person. i think that holds me back more than anything

and being shy. but that's (very slowly) dissipating. as my laziness increases, oddly enough.
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