November 6th, 2002


power structure

came up with a great idea talkin to geoff and carter today-- all the smaller political parties should band together and form a 3rd party supergroup for the sole purpose of pushing one of the republicrats out of the top spots. the bipartisan system is fucked, and designed solely to keep the two groups in power in power, so if any of the others want to affect any change, their 1st order of business should be to take out the current power base
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alien chest burst

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okay my room is officially cursed. i just unsuccessfully chased a daddylonglegs through my room before it escaped me by hiding in my clothes pile (!!), and when i went back to my chair i noticed that at some point the rocking of my chair had killed some other insect, which seems to be part wolf spider and part grasshopper. i saw a brown thing on the floor, picked it up, and realized it was a bug with its head smooshed. then in the process of bugspraying the fuck out of my room immediately after (i'm probably giving myslf horrible diseases by doing that with my room's wonderful lack of ventilation, but i dont much care right now), i found another corpse in the corner.

i really wish i knew where they all kept coming from. if i wake up with a spider walking on my face, i will scream
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