November 11th, 2002


so why didnt anyone tell me that i can't sing?

i spent a few hours today recording some of my songs (on sound recorder itself, of all the crappy programs to use), because i discovered the other day taht my mic had magically started functioning again. man do i suck! not to be humble- the guitar is respectable when i dont forget i'm in a song and start aimlessly strumming- but i do not sing on key at all. i got maybe 3 notes right. my voice itself seems to go back and forth between being actually pretty good and being irritating. though the last line of this song, i think is downright pretty.
ah well, no rock star here. groupies always go for the singer after all. (why is that, anyway?)

in other news, i just spent about 3 hours not only accomplishing nothing, but not even procrastinating properly. i keep going off on these tangents of "hey i want to look x up online!" and then halfway thru the page i'll see somethign mentioned and look that up, and it will remind me of something in a book and i'll start reading the book, and it references a band that reminds me of another band and i start listening to their cd and then i dont even know but i havent had a complete thought since midnight

so needless to say, i still havent done any of the lots that i need to do this weekend. ha. so i guess i'll go to bed and (hopefully) do stuff tomorrow. tomorrow is doin' stuff day. make me do stuff.

ps: so not only did i make my computer remind me to do laundry cuz i'm out of socks that arent crusty from getting wet rain/sweat adn then drying and being filthy, but when the reminder popped up i completely ignored it
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