December 6th, 2002


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today was a blast, in its strange little way.
took a quiz today on paradise regain'd, of which i have read half the introduction. i think i did pretty well, and for questions i didnt know i brought back the world lit tradition of absurdity-- one question was what was the first thing jesus was tempted with, and my answer was "tasty lollipops". the teacher blathered on for awhile, oblivious to the fact that NO ONE HAD DONE THE READING. so, you know, it was like usual. anyway, so after class i get lunch with nastassia. we go wandering around, go look at the new dorm which looks like a freaking hotel - oh man it's nice. i should move there - and went into the mub bookstore, where i went browsing and lost track of time til like 5.
came back upstairs and ran into casey who informed me that the new aegis is out. this kinda surprised me as we were having the meeting tonite to distribute, so i dontknow how it would be out already, but yeah. so i found one, and it looked really nice. it all came out quite well, except for a couple tiny errors and the fact that ALL THE APOSTROPHES AND ACCENTED LETTERS HAVE BEEN REPLACED WITH SPACES. yep, thanks printing services. that's a good job right there.
hung out with khaek, danielle, and nick for awhile and got caught up on the woodruff gossip. i live here, but i never have a damn clue what's goin on. yeah. they left, so i went to hang out with heron and her friends for awhile. they left too so i went to get some food. note that i left my stuff at the table when i went. i get a sub, come back, and there's this kid chris at my table. i didn't know at this point that his name was chris seeing as i had no idea who he was. he was sitting there staring off into space. i walked over, said something to the effect of "uhh" and sat down and started eating. at this point he starts talking to me. a lot. he's chris from marston, where he's seen me around before, he's a freshman undeclared but english is his 2nd choice major (i dont remember his first). he started asking me a ton of questions about english major, how much work it is, how much writing, what sort (he seems to be interested in persuasive writing), etc. he started discussing with me, in great detail, the writing of stephen king and dean koontz. at this point his friends start showing up, and he starts talking about his new job at the mailroom and how he gets free magazines (specifically playboy) from when it's adressed to someone improperly, and about how he went to highschool with the world's 2nd best pool player, a lady known as the black widow.
at this point i left. it was aegis meeting time. we discussed how printing services should explode, and megan is gonna call them tomorrow and see what's up. so, yeah. there wasn't much else to say, so we left. there was some guy giving a sex talk in the mub so i went to check that out. i got htere for the end but he seemed interesting. then i came back here and have done standard dorm things.
the end.
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the silver fox

and while i'm having fun debates-- who has a good reason why thieves aren't a perfectly fine acceptable part of the capitalist system? they encourage the creation of many exciting job opportunities, like police and security guards and locksmiths. people get their money's worth back from insurance, and corporations plan the lost revenue into their price structures (and insurance companies plan it into their premiums). the only real loss i can find is in the effort spent on getting the stolen whatevers, and any emotional loss.
[note: i don't particularly believe this, but it's a fun idea because i don't know how to effectively refute it]

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oh woodruff

so for a week or so i've had on my door's whiteboard I slack so bad-

i came back a couple days ago to find it had been erased to say I wack it so much!!
under that i wrote awesome! good job!
and under that someone else wrote wack it till it falls off

you people are weird
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zombie penguin

ah reck'n y'all er foolin me

studies have suggested that the most intelligible varieties of english were from india, sri lanka, malaysia, and japan, while "the pronunciation of the american was close to being the least intelligible." should we all be studying up on how to speak more like them?
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