December 10th, 2002


food it up, foody

okay, i've done some checking on my plan and, while it was a lovely image of troops of people coming in to take advantage of the school's generosity, that doesn't seem like the best plan. BUT there are alternatives. you can indeed use as many meal plans as you want at once (except at acorns, and in the mub you can use 4 at a time and get sent to the back of the line to use 4 more)..

so the new plan is such: go to the mub or philly cafe or something to that effect, where you can order piles of food wrapped up, get a whole shitload of sandwiches, salads, subs, chips, whatever.. and bring them to a soup kitchen/food bank/food pantry.

i'm trying to find local places to bring the food to-- here are 2 that sound good:

My Friends Place
368 Washington St
Dover, NH 03820
(603) 749-3017
Lee Rollo (program director)
they're open 24/7 and can take food any time but on wednesdays.

Cross Roads House
600 Lafayette Rd
Portsmouth, NH 03801
(603) 436-2218
8am-11pm, 7days a week

(calling before you go would probably be good, but not a big deal.) now my problem is getting transport to somewhere. i miss my car-- the stupid bodyshop place said it'd be done end of last week. what are they waiting for? grumble grumble
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this is the best-- Tygr28 (10:16:24 PM): i'll bring you cookies any time

this is the 2nd best--

this is scary--

most likely i will die tonight of overwork brought on by my own immense stupid laziness. it's been nice knowing you all.
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so i'm confused. jess' boyfriend matt just IMed me to invite me to an edge party. now he seemed like a cool kid, for the 20 minutes i met him last year, but that isnt really a lot to go on for IMing someone to invite to your house. he signed off before i coudl inquire, so i asked jess:

King Nixon (11:42:55 PM): woah i just got invited to a party at matt's house. thats random
XsXeDulcetCryX (11:43:01 PM): HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
King Nixon (11:43:18 PM): um, yeah
King Nixon (11:43:20 PM): was it that funny?
XsXeDulcetCryX (11:43:37 PM): uh huh, cuz you don't know him
King Nixon (11:44:15 PM): yeah thats what confused me
King Nixon (11:47:37 PM): how did i even get invited to this?
XsXeDulcetCryX (11:47:46 PM): he imed you
XsXeDulcetCryX (11:47:51 PM): i think he thought you were edge
King Nixon (11:47:54 PM): well i noticed that..
King Nixon (11:48:02 PM): hahaha did he?
XsXeDulcetCryX (11:48:19 PM): yeah
King Nixon (11:48:24 PM): so he's inviting every edge kid he's ever met?
XsXeDulcetCryX (11:48:55 PM): well... no.... but some of them
XsXeDulcetCryX (11:49:08 PM): hehe there aren't many of us, we have to stick together ;-)
King Nixon (11:49:14 PM): lol
King Nixon (11:49:15 PM): i guess so!
XsXeDulcetCryX (11:49:19 PM): :-)
King Nixon (11:49:28 PM): maybe i'll show up with a keg
XsXeDulcetCryX (11:49:47 PM): a keg of IBC!
King Nixon (11:49:54 PM): uhhh.. yeah, that's what i meant
XsXeDulcetCryX (11:50:06 PM): haha sure sure

this makes less sense the more i think about it. i'm definitely considering going, it would probably be a fun night
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