December 16th, 2002



awesome, i'm sick! and writing a paper! i love life

update: yeah, i'm not sick anymore. that didnt last very long. la.
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point #1 yay my car is alive! i can't get it today cuz i'm doin the paper thing, but tomorrow is go. who wants to go on a portsmouth adventure with me tomorrow? i got shoddy directions on how to find the place, i'm gonna bus over, then walk to it, and probably get lost and die a couple times (unless you want to drive me and/or know your way to peverly hill road). it'll be fun!

point #2 earlier today i wrote an email i will never send. i do this sometimes. but, the point of this is that in it i had an odd typo-- planning to write "but such is life", i instead wrote "but just is life". make of that what you will.

point #3 i'm onto you, bitch. you cant hide forever-- i guess youre not worth the effort

point #4
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